Data Aggregation, Sharing, and Exchange

Intra and cross-agency information sharing for Public Sector Agencies


Government agencies across all tiers (local/county/state/federal), from public safety, law/regulatory enforcement and homeland security to the intelligence community, healthcare/Medicaid administration, social services, labor, etc., have dozens of data sources, whether within their agency or across agencies.

if an agency could interact with these sources as one integrated ‘complete’ source of information, they could support enhanced tactical awareness, show analytics, patterns, and other vital intelligence.  The trouble is, these sources are often fragmented, disparate, and don’t speak the same data ‘language’.

  • Real-time data-sharing across law enforcement agencies for field officer safety
  • 'One-stop' search across all data sources
  • Infrastructure to support Fusion / Real-time Intelligence Centers
  • Cross-referencing data to find pathways of waste and fraud in government Benefit administration
  • Real-time composite view across human and electronic intelligence data streams

These are all examples of how CODY's data integration technology acts as the ‘universal translator’ among all data sources and lets you search and interact with ALL your sources in one, seamless view, as well as share them with others, on your own terms.


Solution Aspects: Data Aggregation/Exchange Platform is a wholistic, real-time, data source aggregator, exchange, and sharing platform that translates "data languages" on-the-fly across multiple data sources, allowing an organization, agency or group of agencies to harness their data sources and focus them for meeting today's challenges involving big data, from law enforcement and criminal justice to government benefits, healthcare and general services administration, and the homeland security/intelligence community.

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Example Public Sector Use-Cases's advanced data integration capabilities are adaptable to meet a wide variety of data challenges across the spectrum of public sector agencies, ranging from multi-agency law enforcement data aggregation and sharing to mitigating fraud and waste in government benefits administration.

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Along with the software platform, CODY also provides a host of related services, from data services planning and consulting to active remote monitoring.