Data Integration Services

Consulting, Software Implementation, Monitoring, etc... is a software platform.  However, as with any data integration solution, acquiring the software platform alone is only half of the overall turn-key solution.  The other half is the consulting, implementation management, data model configuration, business-rules assistance, and specific deployment knowledge that are provided for every deployment through the Data Services team. In general, the services related to configuring and deploying a software platform mirror those needed to deploy our Public Safety Software suite.

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Beyond the general services provided for any CODY software, there are a number of specific services offered in conjunction with a platform deployment.  Highlights of these services are provided below.


Specific Deployment Highlights:


Data Model Configuration:'s flexible architecture allows it to adapt to the data model needed by an organization or group of agencies, from public safety to social services and beyond.  With this flexibliity, CODY can assist the organization or group with configuring the optimum data model needed to fulfill its desired data integration mission.

Governance, Security and Business Rules Assistance:

For any information sharing or exchange deployment, there are governance, security and business rules that manage how all the disparate data sources interact with each other, whether within one organization, or across multiple organizations under one deployment. CODY has years of experience dealing successfully with these issues and making our software fit into existing paradigms, or helping an agency use our software to create a new paradigm working within pre-existing laws and regulations.

Active Remote Monitoring (ARM):

CODY views data integration as a mission-critical need, not a 'nice-to-have' luxury.  As such, we have monitoring sub-systems built into to alert system administrators of any potential issues with the links between data sources and the Core.  To augment this built-in monitoring, CODY also offers human-based Active Remote Monitoring, which involves our technicians being available 24x7 to proactively receive alerts and resolve any connection issues remotely, using a secure web-portal.  In most cases, our ARM technicians can be alerted and resolve an issue before an agency's administrator is even aware of it.

CODY Data Services Consulting:

There may be occasions where an organization simply wants us to provide consulting services, independent of deploying our software, to assist them in designing and planning their own data integration strategy.  We also offer these services as independent consultants.  We provide such independent services in the fields of data conversion planning, data integration planning, data exchange architecture planning, modeling and more.  Please contact CODY for details on CODY Data Services Consulting.