Solutions for wide variety of agencies and missions

Public Safety, Campus Safety, Law & Regulatory Enforcement, and more...


The CODY system's vast built-in adaptability and configuration options allow it to be tailored to meet the needs of agencies across a broad spectrum of missions, types and sizes, including multi-agency consortiums.  See below for a partial list.


Agency Types:


  • Municipal Police Department

  • County Sheriff’s Office

  • County Detectives

  • County-wide RMS Consortiums

  • County / Region / State Data-sharing

  • College / University Campus Safety

  • K-12 School District Safety

  • Investigative Agencies

  • Drug Task Force

  • Fusion Center / Real-time Crime Center

  • State Law Enforcement

  • State Regulatory Enforcement

  • Conservation Enforcement

  • Fish & Wildlife Enforcement

  • Natural Resource Enforcement

  • Tribal Public Safety

  • Alcohol, Beverage and Drug Enforcement

  • State Benefits Administration Fraud

  • Federal Agency Facilities / Campus Security

  • Federal Investigative Agencies

  • And more...