Company Overview

40 years of doing things the CODY way...


Headquartered in Pottstown, PA, CODY is a privately-held, woman-owned family company that provides software and data management, integration, and exchange solutions for public safety, law enforcement and other public sector entities of all sizes and tiers. Our solutions focus on better management, sharing, integration, and analysis of information and data for resource allocation, prevention of crime, officer and citizen safety and more efficient public sector cost effectiveness and delivery of government services.

Founded in 1979 by David and Frances Heffner, CODY Systems is now one of the most highly respected software providers in the market. Known for its top-notch solutions and personalized customer support, CODY continues to uphold the ethics of the "CODY way" - honor, integrity, innovation, creativity, determination, and a 'people-first' philosophy.


Company Highlights:


40 years in business

Over this time, CODY has established longevity and stability in the market and lasting customer partnerships. We have entered the second generation of our family company, with roots that are deep and true to the original core ethics that built CODY strong.

Sustained 98% Customer Retention

CODY works with its customers to develop long-lasting business relationships. In fact, many CODY customers refer to themselves as members of the "CODY family".

100% Privately-held American Company

When you partner with CODY, you partner with confidence, knowing we are a 100% privately-held American corporation. ALL jobs and operations - from support to data conversions and integration - are conducted in the United States.

24x7x365 LIVE Customer Support: People-first Customer Service

No convoluted menu systems. No machines. NO VOICEMAIL. When you call CODY you will talk to a LIVE person, any time, day or night.

Integrated R&D

Rather than place a percentage on our R&D expenses, we view R&D as an integrated part of our entire business process. Through our Wishlist customer feature and enhancement request process, we are constantly improving our solutions based on the suggestions and advice from experts in the market - the customers who use our solutions every day.

Stability: Over 500 agencies strong

CODY remains financially strong and stable as it serves over 500 agencies from New Jersey to California, ranging in size from State-wide data integration solutions to small single agency police department RMS solutions.