CODY SystemS

Officer Safety First Information-sharing

Criminals move fast. Data moves faster. Watch this video to see how the real-time, critical information provided by CODY Systems' can keep officers and other law enforcement field agents safe while they protect and serve.

Newtown Borough Police Chief Anthony Wojciechowski recalls the events of the tragic night when one of his officers, Brian Gregg, was brutally murdered by a known-offender in Bucks County, PA. He also recounts CODY Systems' eventual donation of their tactical, cloud-ready, information-sharing platform, COBRA to the county to help ensure tragedies such as this never happen again.


C.tac 5 Tactical Search App:

Innovations for public safety, justice and homeland security

Built on the platform, C.tac 5 gives officers on the street acess to all the information they need from across all connected data sources in real-time.

CODY on The Business Makers Show

Integrating data mangement solutions for law enforcement

David Heffner’s parents were a generation ahead of their time when they launched THIS company. Today, family-owned CODY Systems provides integrated data management solutions and cross-platform information-sharing systems for law enforcement organizations. A real-time data sharing tool that also functions as a translator between platforms serves a critical need in any police department. And you’ll NEVER guess who the company was named after.