Data Services

Data Conversion, Migration, Exchange, and Sharing Services


In our early days of working in the Public Safety Software market, we made a critical decision for the future of our company. Instead of taking the road most traveled by our competitors to farm out data services to third party contractors, CODY decided to invest in our own in-house data services team, who's mission is to perform all manner of services related to our client's data. Professional data conversion/migration services, data exchange, interfaces, any work that CODY does that involves client data, involves our dedicated data services team.  As seen by our significant presence in the Disparate Data Exchange and Integration field, dealing with data across disparate systems is arguably CODY's primary core competency.

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Data Conversion/Migration Services:

If you have data in a legacy system that you would like to use in your new CODY system, CODY's data services engineers have years of experience both converting legacy data and optionally migrating the converted data for live use in your CODY system.

Data Exchange Interfaces / Services:

Leveraging CODY's disparate data integration technology, as well as prevailing industry data standards (NIEM, SOAP, RESTful web services), CODY data services engineers design and implement data exchanges based on business rules established by our customers.  These exchanges can involve the CODY System on one 'end', or can be between two disparate systems.