ExpressBridge Universal Data Source Translator

A suite of software that makes disparate data available to


ExpressBridge™ (EXB) is's suite of universal data translator software tools that make each disparate data source's data available to the Core.  There are a variety of tools that fall under the EXB umbrella, including the ExpressBridge itself, as well as the eXtensible Data Import Module (XDIM).  Regardless of the EXB tool used for a given data source, the result is the same;

ExpressBridge translates and homogenizes data on-the-fly and makes it available for federated search or transactional synchronization from all the data sources agencies wish to connect to a network.



Universal Data Translator:

EXB can speak any data language.  It is capable of communicating natively with, translating, and homogenizing data from virtually any database, data file, vendor, format, schema or service, breaking down the data 'language barriers' that keep disparate sources from being integrated into actionable data-streams. In essence, EXB is the real-time 'data plumbing' that allows to perform its mission.  Much like a human translator for human languages, EXB listens to the data in the original 'data language' and translates it into whatever 'data language' needs to be understood at the receiving end.

Different EXB tools for different missions:

With data integration, each data source is like a snowflake... they are all unique.  Over CODY's 30+ years dealing with data, we have configured and expanded our ExpressBridge Toolkit to meet the unique challenges presented by our diverse deployments.  As a result, our EXB 'toolbelt' is ready to handle virtually any challenge presented by technology or business/contractual concerns with data-source system providers.  One example of this is our ExpressBridge XDIM, which is capable of accepting data from any file format used to order data, including XML (NIEM conformant or not), ASCII, delimited files, excel spreadsheets, etc. and making it seamlessly and transparently available to

Standards Ready:

ExpressBridge is designed to work with prevailing industry data standards, where such are provided and available for a given deployment.  Of special relevance is EXB's native support for the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), a prevailing and growing cross domain data standard.  EXB can natively accept NIEM XML data, and can also publish NIEM XML data in a data exchange scenario, even if a given data source does not support NIEM.  Equally important, however, is the fact that EXB does NOT require any data standards present to fulfill its mission.

Zero Impact and Total Control:

All ExpressBridge tools are specifically and rigorously designed to have zero impact on an agency's existing systems, databases and infrastructure.  Combined with's granular field-level control of what data is shared with whom, ExpressBridge reflects an agency's data security vision from the moment EXB first links up with the agency's data source.

Total 256 bit Data Encryption:

Whether a data source is linked up with via federated search or transactional synchronization, any and all data that moves in transit across the internet through the ExpressBridge ecosystem is ecnrypted using 256 bit encryption.