Examples of COBRA.net Specific Use-cases

State benefits administration, public safety, fusion centers, and more...


The data-agnostic approach built into COBRA.net makes it perfectly suited for a wide array of public sector missions.  It is not hard-coded to any specific domain, sector, or data profile, and is equally at home integrating and cross-referencing different sources of social services data as it is providing one-stop query capabilities across public safety and homeland security data sources for county-wide RMS data sharing and fusion centers.

A sample of some specific use-cases for COBRA.net is below but is by no means exhaustive.  Essentially, if you have data across silos or system, whether you are a single organization with multiple silos of data, or a consortium of agencies looking to share data, COBRA.net can help you.  To learn more, please contact us.


Specific Use-Case Examples:


Mitigate Unemployment Waste for State Dept of Labor:

One of our state clients recently used COBRA.net to help them stop sending unemployment checks out to recipients who were not eligible for unemployment due to being incarcerated. Before deploying COBRA.net, the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations had no data visibility into the custody status of inmates across the State's 100+ county jails, municipal facilities and the State's department of Corrections facilities.  By leveraging COBRA.net, the State was able to link in to all of the 100+ correctional facility databases across the State for constantly refreshed and up-to-date information on the custody status of every inmate, and cross-reference this data-stream with the unemployment check runs.


With this technology now in place, the State is able to get a much clearer picture of the eligibility for each recipient, and can drastically reduce the waste created by sending checks that should not be issued.


Create Real-time State-wide Law Enforcement Data Exchange:

One recent deployment of COBRA.net was for the State of Missouri, as the nexus for the State's Law Enforcement Data Exchange, called MoDEx.  Using COBRA.net, Missouri has created a thriving data exchange network across its law enforcement community at the local, county and state level.  To date, there are approximately 52 Million records and 1.5 million photos available from police departments, sheriff's offices and state law enforcement, providing users with one-stop access to information from across the state.  MoDEx continues to grow, adding new agencies and providing access to a wider array of data sources, including the State's jails.

Click here to read the MoDEx Case Study


Real-time data sharing for County/Regional Public Safety & Justice:

This is where COBRA.net was born, and remains a primary force multiplier for county and region-wide data sharing efforts. Counties across the United States use COBRA.net to power regional law enforcement and justice sharing networks, arming officers and deputies in the field, along with investigators with up-to-the-second information on persons, incidents, locations, vehicles, warrants, and more, from across jurisdictions, regardless of the RMS providers used by participating agencies. COBRA.net also powers paperless data exchange with justice agencies, including incident report hand-ups to prosecutors, centralized eBooking and IBRS reporting.


Click here for more information on CODY Public Safety Data Sharing

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Fuel a Fusion Center with true 'one stop search':

COBRA.net's ability to instantly provide one-stop searching to users makes it a perfect fit for fusion centers and real-time intelligence centers.  Fusion centers, in particular, are routinely asked to provide comprehensive information on subjects and entities in a quick, coherent, and organized way, from across many different data sources, sometimes numbering into the hundreds.  With COBRA.net doing the data integration in the background, C.tac 5 providing one-stop search, single sign-on and report capability to users, and the BYOT approach allowing visual analysis tools to work alongside C.tac 5, COBRA.net provides a fully integrated foundation for a fusion center's critical mission.


Single, state-wide unified data feed to N-DEx, NIBRS, SAR, etc...

States (and other consortiums) can use COBRA.net to consolidate, homogenize and aggregate data from across all local, county and State agencies and send a unified stream simultaneously to N-DEx, NIBRS, State IBRS, SAR, and any other federal (or other) system, respecting each external systems' individual validation, conditional edits and data standards (NIEM, LEx, etc.).  This aggregation works regardless of the individual systems in place at all the participating agencies.


Enhance cross-domain awareness for State Social, Family and Health Services:

State Social Services agencies are increasingly being tasked with breaking down the various silos of data that persist across their multi-domain responsiblities.  From food stamps, to family services, child support, TANF, Healthcare, etc., COBRA.net can assist social services agencies with achieving total information transparency across these different programs, to provide an integrated view of each citizen's relationship with all services and fueling external analysis tools. This drastically improves cross-domain awareness, leading to dramatically improved services and cost effectiveness.


Achieve a single-view of a person's interaction with Government (or Private Corporation):

Due to COBRA.net's unique non-destructive integration across disparate data sources, government (municipal / county / state / nation), or a private corporation with multiple subsidiaries, can pierce through the barriers presented by their silos of information locked in different data sources, to see a single, unified, simple view of ALL interaction, data, links, etc. that a given person (or other entity) has with their organization.  This is particularly useful for government trying to better serve its citizens by having total awareness of each citizen's interaction with government, including:

  • what benefits they are receiving
  • what services they are taking advantage of
  • what volunteer work they have done in service to the government
  • what licenses they have
  • their healthcare data
  • interaction with criminal justice
  • and more

Most governments in the 21st century have this sort of data, but it is typically 'siloed' and does not interact with the other data sources.  COBRA.net changes that by allowing government (or a private corporation) to see, with ONE unified, clear picture, all data on a given person in one place, so that government can better serve its citizens in a Data Driven way.


Help State Government Painlessly Transition from Legacy Mainframe Systems:

With COBRA.net's architecture, state governments faced with the daunting task of migrating from legacy mainframe systems to new modern data management systems are using COBRA.net to help make the transition more manageable.  With COBRA.net acting as a broker to data previously locked in mainframe data formats/systems, agencies can now more efficiently and painlessly make the much-needed move from the mainframe to modern relational systems on their own terms, all while opening up and using the vast wealth of data stored in these legacy systems.


Power Real-time Investigations and Intelligence Center:

COBRA.net's BYOT approach is the perfect match for the growing trend of County and Region-wide Real-time Intelligence and Investigations Centers.  With COBRA.net's powerful disparate data integration foundation powering these centers, the centers' leaders and users can focus on providing cutting edge front-end portals for law enforcement, without the need to worry about doing all the back-end data integration.

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