Data Aggregation Platform

Wholistic, future-proofed foundation for data integration is a wholistic, real-time data source integration, exchange and sharing platform that allows an organization, agency or group of agencies to harness their data sources and focus them for meeting today's challenges involving big data.

Whether it is consortiums of law enforcement agencies with many isolated RMS databases, a fusion center needing to integrate data sources for one-stop search, an intelligence agency wanting real-time view across multiple human and electronic data streams, or a state looking to mitigate social services fraud, forms the future-proofed foundation for an organization or consortium's data integration infrastructure.


Benefit Highlights:


See your entire data picture with one search

Stop wasting valuable time searching each of your numerous data sources separately. provides ONE, single view of any number of data sources, with one single sign-on.

Aggregate, share and exchange cross-system data in real-time

Whether you search two sources or two hundred,'s powerful cross-system exchange allows any number of agencies to share and exchange information from any number of sources/systems in real-time.

Protect your data systems from obsolescence

Future-proof your data integration strategy by building an independent data foundation first. allows you to interchange the tools you use to access and query your data without disrupting the actual data foundation.  Read more about this data foundation independence here.

Conform to prevailing national sharing standards (NIEM, LEX, SAVIN, etc.) natively works with prevailing data standards, including NIEM, LEX, SAVIN and others to allow data systems to communicate, exchange and share data.  Further, even if participating agencies have RMS or other data systems that are not compatible with such standards, still makes the data from all agencies interoperable with them.

Extend your foundation with best-of-breed tools: Inform analytics, dashboards, etc.

With's tool-agnostic nature, you can BYOT (Bring Your Own Tools) to make the cross-system data work for youFuel any number of external systems and third party tools, including visual analysis, real-time intel and dashboards SIMULTANEOUSLY with one unified data picture. Also feed upstream databases such as N-DEx, NIBRS, etc.

Fluid Data Model adaptable for any mission adapts to meet the needs of any type of agency or organization (or group of agencies).  Whether your data involves criminals, medical patients, police incidents, information on government benefits, doctors, employees, healthcare providers, state licensing, intelligence or any other type of data,'s data model will adjust to work with your mission.

Total encryption: meeting FBI/CJIS requirements

Retain 100% integrity, fidelity and security for all data sources, with FIPS 140-2 encryption and CJIS compliance.

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Solution Components: -- Core

The Core is the nexus of the solution.  All data aggregation, translation, synchronization, exchange, publications and queries are managed and brokered through the Core.  Through's open architecture that allows an organization to 'bolt on' whatever tools it needs to perform its data driven missions, the Core truly becomes the clearinghouse and foundation to an organization's data integration strategy. Click here to read how is fueling the Missouri Data Exchange.

Click here for more information -- C.tac One-stop Search App

C.tac is's native web-based search app that provides true, 'one-stop' searching across all connected data sources, with single-sign on for all sources that an organization needs to access.  Through C.tac, agencies can search any combination of their sources with ONE query, without the need to search each source individually -- in the office, in a mobile unit, or in the field.

Click here for more information -- ExpressBridge Universal Data Bridge Toolkit

ExpressBridge is's universal data translator.  Using intelligent automation, ExpressBridge is capable of linking with and translating data streams on-the-fly from any number of data sources, regardless of database engine, format, connection method and database language.  ExpressBridge is a powerful toolkit that can adapt to meet the unique business needs of any deployment, with a unique 'elastic' data model that is configurable for any data model within an agency or across agencies.  Using end-to-end FIPS 140-2 encryption in transit, in conjunction with the Core, ExpressBridge supports real-time data query, synch, and exchange among any number of data sources.