CODY Technology

The power that forms the core foundation of our systems


CODY’s Anywhere Public Safety System is powered by a set of technologies, researched and developed by CODY and integrated seamlessly to form the core foundation of the system.  Many of these technologies are highlighted below.


Two Highlighted Technologies:


CODY True Integration... One System, One Database, Many Modules

CODY Records Anywhere is part of CODY's Anywhere Public Safety System, a unified solution that is built as one solution, not a bunch of siloed systems cobbled together with 'digital' glue and duct tape. From the ground-up, CODY Anywhere has always shared ONE workspace, ONE database, and ONE efficient core.  CAD, RMS, CMS, JMS, etc. are all simply modules within the SAME system, available with one click of the mouse from your computer desktop.


Scalable Public Safety "Anywhere"

Combining the best of web-based, multi-tier  and smart client technology, CODY’s innovative “Anywhere” technology scales gracefully balancing power with bandwidth availability to optimize every user's experience whether they are at the station doing NIBRS reporting, the Chief viewing real-time information streams in the CODY Dashboard, or a patrol officer in the field entering a new incident report or citation.  This same technology is also what allows CODY solutions to scale from small police departments to state-wide multi-site deployments.


Other Highlighted Technologies...


Consistent, Adaptable Workspace.

CODY Anywhere Public Safety’s intuitive interface allows users to access all data regarding any system record (names, incidents/cases, vehicles, businesses, arrests, citations, property, etc) at a one-click glance. Consistency across screens and modules is rigorously maintained to keep the system simple and easily learned. Desktop RMS, CAD, Express, Investigations, etc. all share one common database, feature-set, interface, look-and-feel, functions, work-flow etc. Once you know one CODY screen, you know them all.

Adaptable Configuration for broad user and Agency types

The CODY Anywhere workspace adapts to the different roles within an agency, providing decision-support to the executives, investigative and statistical analysis to administrators and investigators, and simple, form-based data entry for patrol and other line-level users. Further, this highly configurable user interface also makes the system highly adaptable to meet the unique missions of agencies across the spectrum, including municipal Police, County Sheriffs, Detectives and Prosecutors, Campus Safety, Natural Resource / Fish & Wildlife enforcement, Alcohol and Drug enforcement, Government Benefits Administration and Fraud, Federal Facilities Security and more.

Standards-based Interfaces and Exchanges

The system is a standards-based solution, conformant with prevailing industry data-standards, including the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) which speeds interfacing with other conformant systems.  Beyond NIEM interoperability, CODY leverages the latest in service-oriented architecture. A CODY System is capable of interfacing with data-sharing networks (including™), NCIC and state-level databases, fusion centers, N-DEx and more.

Data-driven wholistic approach

CODY approaches every deployment as a wholistic data integration project, not simply a CAD or RMS project.  By leveraging our disparate data-integration technology, we bring a unique blend of RMS and data integration expertise to all of our clients to make all third party interfaces and exchanges thoughtfully integrated into each overall deployment. For more on our Data Driven approach, please visit the Data Driven page.  Also visit the Case Study on the Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife for an example of our Data Driven approach.

CODYLinks Relational Awareness Engine

The CODYLinks Relational Awareness Engine is a revolutionary automated record linking and cross-referencing technology featuring master records on major data types linked together to eliminate redundant data entry and duplicate records, foster data integrity and speed investigative accuracy without a lot of overhead.  Data is simply entered once, and never needs to be entered again, in any module. As data is entered anywhere throughout the system, instant links are created behind the scenes without requiring anything from the user, creating a multi-layered web of associations.  All links are cross-referenced and searchable through the system’s on-board analysis and reporting tools, for total information awareness.

CODYLinks provides the simple yet powerful engine that powers the Data-driven intelligence-led policing that CODY systems are known for.

Forms Engine (local/state/federal)

The system is powered by a forms engine that is rapidly and efficiently configurable to comply with mandated city/state/federal forms, reports, citations, criminal complaints and more.

Network Self-healing

CODY’s Anywhere Access also features automated network self-healing for our smart-clients.  The system passively scans for available network signal (over 3/4G, RF, Wifi, whichever is in place), seamlessly switching between ‘connected’ and ‘disconnected’ modes to optimize the mobile experience and allow users to keep working even without network connectivity.

Data Sharing DNA

Data sharing runs through the veins of every CODY software product, not just  At the very heart of our systems, we engineer sharing of data into the fabric, not as a bolt-on afterthought.