Real-time Information Sharing

Share law enforcement information across jurisdictions and systems


Criminals know no borders.  Jurisdictional boundaries, agency lines, disparate systems such as RMS, JMS, CAD, etc., -- these are all just obstacles that criminals use to their benefit to stay ahead of law enforcement. levels the playing field by breaking down all of these obstacles and providing real-time information from across counties, regions, states, etc., regardless of jurisdiction, agency or RMS (or other) system.

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Field Safety for Law Enforcement Officers was originally built for the police officer in the field, and it remains true to this critical mission. By providing a true one-stop search of all necessary data sources anywhere they need it,'s C.tac web-app arms field agents with the best weapon they can have -- up-to-the-second information on people, vehicles, safety alerts, incidents, etc.

One-stop Query with Single Sign-on

To perform their mission, fusion center analysts and watch desk users need instant access to all a multitude of different data sources. provides this with powerful one-stop query and single-sign-on across all data sources, both internal and external.

Data Foundation for ISE (Information Sharing Environment) with N-DEx synch is a proven data exchange platform that allows counties, regions and states to securely and efficiently share and exchange law enforcement and criminal justice information, regardless of the systems that each agency uses. Different RMS, JMS, CAD, Courts and other sources -- brings them together according to a consortium's business rules. Further, forms a consortium's unified data stream to the FBI's N-DEx system and other up-stream destinations.

  • Case Study: Missouri Data Exchange - is the nexus for the state-wide law enforcement data exchange network. Click here to read the case study.

Share Information on your own terms

With, each participating agency shares its data on its own terms.  Each agency decides what to share, when to share and with whom.  At no time is any agency's shared data mixed up or commingled with any other agencies' data.  In short, agencies can all take advantage of the benefits of information sharing without giving up any control over their own data resources.

Bring Your Own Tools

Alongside the native C.tac 5 web-app, real-time crime and fusion centers routinely use as a platform for powering various visual analysis tools, geo-spatial tools, statistical tools, reporting tools, etc. to help them achieve their missions.

Standards-friendly ISE natively works with prevailing data standards, including NIEM and LEX to allow data systems to communicate, exchange and share data.  Further, even if participating agencies have RMS or other data systems that are not compatible with such standards, still makes the data from all agencies interoperable with them.

County-wide Exchange Engine for Integrated Justice Information Sharing's open architecture and native support for virtually any standard makes it the perfect choice for county-level integrated justice information sharing.  Many of our customers use as their county-wide exchange hub.

  • Case Study: Lehigh County Integrated Justice Exchange - To learn how one County uses as its information sharing and exchange hub, please click here.

County-wide IJIS use-cases include:

  • Business Rules-based paperless incident report exchange between PDs and Prosecutor's Office
  • Centralized eBooking exchange among Police, Sheriff, and the county Jail
  • Real-time data exchange among police departments for tactical awareness, geospatial and visual analysis
  • Business-rule driven exchanges between police, sheriff, and the courts for criminal justice process-flow
  • and more...

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