Conference Agenda 

Due to the most recent federal guidelines and the growing uncertainty in the developing COVID-19 crisis, we feel we have no choice but to cancel the on-site CODY CONNECT 2020 Users Conference.

However...the light is still on at CODY and we want to make sure you still get the training and certifications you were looking for during CONNECT 2020.

CODY Trainers will be recording sessions for the classes that had the highest rate of registration (see class list below). Links to these pre-recorded training sessions will be available on the CRC , starting on May 18th. This means you/your users can login and watch the training videos whenever time permits. While we will miss seeing all of you this year, we are hoping that this training will be beneficial to you.

New Administrator Certification

  • Administrator Certification Video Series will be available on the CRC. Production of these videos was delayed due to the COVID outbreak, but these are now on-track for mid-April.

  • New Administrator Certification TEST will be available as a course on the CODY CRC. Those seeking certification will be able to login and take the test after watching all the videos on the series.

  • Those who pass will be sent a Certificate.

  • More details coming soon.

List of Pre-Recorded Training Sessions that will be available on the CRC:

Best Practices for New CODY Customers
SuperCOBRA Report and Update
CODY Administrator Refresh
Property and Evidence Module
IRF Best Practices
Database Search Tools
Restricting Access to Sensitive Data
Report Reviews and Approvals
Court Ordered Expungements
UCR Review (includes general review and PA Summary Review)
Booking and PA Criminal Complaint
Officer Activity Analysis and Reporting
Managing Follow-up Investigations

Stay safe and BE WELL!