CODY Records Anywhere

Interact, manage, search and analyze your valuable records anywhere


CODY Records Anywhere allows users to access their RMS anywhere they need it.CODY's Records Anywhere is CODY's enterprise Records Management System module that serves as the central nerve center of an agency's information management strategy.

Every piece of information, from field contacts and incident reports, to cross-referenced person records,scanned documents, multimedia files, property records, to booking information and much more, are all managed, accessible and searchable from one, common, efficient, powerful and user friendly workspace, available ANYWHERE a user needs it.


Key Benefits:


CODY True Integration

CODY Records Anywhere is part of CODY's Anywhere Public Safety System, a unified solution that is built as one solution, not a bunch of siloed systems cobbled together with 'digital' glue and duct tape. From the ground-up, CODY Anywhere has always shared ONE workspace, ONE database, and ONE efficient core.  CAD, RMS, CMS, JMS, etc. are all simply modules within the SAME system, available with one click of the mouse from your computer desktop.

Adaptable Workspace for Different Agency Roles

The workspace adapts to the different roles within an agency, providing decision-support to the executives, investigative and statistical analysis to administrators and investigators, and simple, form-based data entry for patrol and other line-level users.

Optimized User Experience ANYWHERE (at the station, in the field, on a boat, etc.)

CODY Records Anywhere, as the name implies, is available ANYWHERE a user needs it, over secure internet.  The system scales gracefully balancing power with bandwidth availability to optimize every user's experience whether they are at the station doing NIBRS reporting, the Chief viewing real-time information streams in the CODY Dashboard, or a patrol officer in the field entering a new incident report or citation.

Paperless Automated Workflow

Achieve independence from the overflow of paper coming into and out of your agency.  With an integrated document management module and automated workflows from initial incident to reviews, approval and records management, your CODY system can manage not only your digitally entered data, but your scanned documents and multimedia for TRUE paperless efficiency.

Find Anything from Anywhere

Using CODY's visionary CODYLinks technology, find any record within seconds, as well as EVERY other piece of information, entered anywhere throughout the system, that is linked or associated with that record... and then visualize the links in a variety of different visual analysis formats (link trees, charts, graphs, maps, dashboards, etc.).

Create, Configure and Re-use your own customized agency reports

Use the built-in full-blown report and data-driven document generator to create, customize and re-use reports and electronic documents (such as victim-witness letters, wanted posters, Amber/Silver alert type documents.  You control the layout, what data is used to drive the reports/documents and the design (complete with adding your agency crest/seal).

Achieve True Data-driven, Intelligence-led Efficiency 

Intelligence-led policing has been woven into the fabric of CODY Records Anywhere since its earliest versions in the 1980s. Every CODY RMS client has come to appreciate the 'baked-in' data-driven analysis capabilities that put CODY Records Anywhere far beyond what most providers think of as 'records management'.  Our system has its roots in military intelligence analytical algorithms pioneered working with disparate satellite intelligence feeds during the Vietnam conflict. So, we have analysis in our blood, and it flows through every data management product we offer.

Share, exchange, and collaborate with Native Multi-Jurisdictional Information Sharing

Information exchange and sharing is at the core of everything CODY does.  So, naturally our CODY Records Anywhere is natively multi-jurisdiction ready, allowing each participating agency to maintain complete control over its data, complete its own individual reporting and collaborate on its own terms.  Further, every CODY system natively interoperates with web services-based exchanges via federal standards such as NIEM.

Easily Comply with State and Federal Forms, Reporting and Standards

With CODY's built-in support for UCR and NIBRS reporting, staying in compliance is an efficient process.  Further, inter-state support for electronic completion and submission of state accident report forms, criminal complaints, race-based reporting forms, citations, and state IBRS are core competencies of both our system and our team.