Computer-Aided Dispatch

Situational awareness, unit/call management and real-time interaction


CODY Dispatch (CAD)Achieve total situational awareness and control over your agencies’ units in the field using CODY’s integrated Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) module.

The CAD module provides a one-stop, adaptable environment for seamlessly handling all calls and units, while providing dispatchers with all cross-referenced information from the core RMS database on callers, locations, and more, in order to better inform, direct and protect officers and citizens.

With integrated command and control for call locations, units and equipment, agency-defined automated unit recommendations and SOPs for different call types, and interfaces with ProQA, E911, and other CAD-related systems, CAD becomes the hub of your emergency communication and incident response infrastructure.


Key Benefits:


True Integration means total information awareness:

CAD is not a stand-alone system.  It is a module of the CODY Anywhere Public Safety System. Instead of ‘exchanging’ data with RMS and other modules, it shares the same database. When a caller’s record is updated in CAD, it is updated everywhere, because there is only ONE record (not one in CAD, one in RMS, etc.).  This True Integration provides instant access to ALL related information (the caller’s and vehicles' history, previous activity at the location, safety alerts, building floorplans, etc.)

Your CAD station, Your Choice…

CAD understands that each dispatcher has their unique way of interacting with CAD.  Some prefer ‘pure’ command line use, while others never touch the command line, preferring mouse and hot-keys.  With CODY CAD, you decide how best to customize and interact with your system, including how the multi-screen CAD array is displayed at your CAD station.  Drag unit status and the map on one screen, instant messenger and call status on another, and reposition the ‘call tree’ to suit your invidual preference.

Save time with automated response plans and SOPs:

With the simple entry of a call type, the system responds immediately based upon agency-defined parameters.  Automated unit recommendations based on a variety of factors (working with the Mapping and GPS/AVL modules), along with pre-defined agency SOPs for each call type make call entry and processing fast and accurate.

Track units, locations and calls with Mapping and Automated Vehicle Location (AVL)

Keep track of all your calls, active incidents, equipment and units in real-time with CODY’s Mapping and GPS Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) module.  From this screen in CAD, you can view a one-stop visual assessment of your jurisdiction at a glance.  In a single view, see all calls, units, locations, active incidents and more with color-coding and alerts.

Total Situational Awareness with the CODY “Call Tree Dashboard”

From one simple tab in CAD, you can instantly see your entire current situation, with all active calls, assigned unit statuses and call timers.

Communicate and interact with all units (with CODY Express)

With real-time bi-directional communication with all CODY Express units, the CAD Comm Center and all units stay in synch with unit event/status changes, call statuses, instant messaging, officer safety alerts and more.

Interface with third party related systems (even other CAD systems)

Take integration beyond the CODY system with available interfaces to ProQA, Zetron, e911, IP-cameras, shot-detection systems, and more… even other providers’ CAD systems for seamless CAD-to-CAD interoperability.