CODY Corrections

Know who you're dealing with


CODY Corrections is a jail and inmate management module that integrates with CODY RMS to provide comprehensive information tracking for incarcerated adults, juveniles, jail visitors, and facility employees. Complete with its own internal multi-inmate scheduling matrix, a full cellblock module, and more, CODY Corrections gives personnel the greatest weapon a corrections officer can have....knowledge.

Key Benefits:


True Integration for heightened awareness

CODY Corrections shares the same common database and interface as all other CODY System modules, offering seamless integration with CODY RMS which gives jail personnel access to the advanced search, analysis and reporting features that are part of every CODY system. From initial Booking, Intake, Inmate Tracking, to Release, CODY Corrections provides for the seamless, integrated workflow you need to keep operations efficient, accurate, and moving forward.

Seamless transfer with CODY RMS Booking Module

Integrate seamlessly with the CODY Booking Module in CODY RMS and use the preconfigured Intake/Booking Questionnaire Templates.

Comprehensive Inmate Tracking

Track every step along the way from intake to release.

Secure Sensitive Records

Control access to juvenile and other sensitive records 

Full Reporting

Robust reporting options, including an Average Daily Population report.