Case Management & Link Analysis

Extending Investigators' Instincts


CODY Investigations is for investigators and intelligence agents. Both a case management and analysis module, Investigations not only allows agents to track all aspects of a case, but provides a full analysis toolkit, featuring the CODY Visualizer, an advanced data-mining & analysis tool.

CODY Visualizer studies data in the CodyLinks database and generates inferential patterns. Resulting association webs are presented in multiple formats, including a graphical data visualizer.

Other analysis functions include DB Search, and automatic name & case history files. Management functions include follow-up alerts, Microsoft Office integration, investigative reports, and more.


Key Benefits:


True Integration with Enhanced Security

CODY Investigations is an integrated Case Management System module that shares the same CODY Core database, user interface and administration.  RMS incidents can be used to create cases instantly with all involved persons and other entities transferring to the case.  Due to the heightened security involved with case management, there are increased security permissions and partitioned data controls for case management functions.

Comprehensive Case Management

Track and manage all aspects of a case, from all involved subjects, case expenditures, associated police incidents, activities and time tracking, and more.

Manage and secure confidential informants

Use CODY Investigations to securely track and manage all information related to confidential informants.

Intelligence and Gang Tracking

Responsibly track intelligence and gang information, with support for compliance with 28 CFR 23.

Multi-tiered Link Analysis

CODY Investigations™ provides data-mining and analysis tool, including a multi-tiered, inferential link generator. This tool studies relationships between records, provides advanced queries, and generates inferential associations to uncover criminal patterns. It exposes webs of associations among records at user-defined degrees of separation and presents them in multiple formats.