CODY Purchasing Services

Financing, Environment Assessment, Procurement Options...


Even before you purchase a system from CODY, our purchasing services team is ready to help you.  From flexible procurement options and financing vehicles to personalized environment and needs assessment, CODY works closely with your agency to find the right 'fit' for your CODY System, before you commit to a partnership with us. 




Flexible Procurement Options:

CODY's solutions are available on a variety of purchasing vehicles that can make the procurement process quick and straight-forward.  Our solutions are available on GSA Schedule 70, as well as on numerous state multiple award schedules (contact CODY for specific states).  Additionally, we support a number of third party direct resellers who are authorized to resell our products and services.  We bring over 30 years of experience in the government procurement process.  This expertise is invaluable to assisting potential customers navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of 'purchasing.'

Financing and Payment Plans:

We understand that a public safety software system is a significant investment, regardless of the size of your agency.  CODY offers multi-year, low-interest financing plans through our capital partners.  Further, we are ALWAYS willing to work with you to figure out beneficial payment terms to assist with the financial aspects of the deal.

Personalized Needs and Environment Assessment:

As a software solution company, we are not in the business of selling your agency a system that your environment cannot support, or that doesn't match with what your agency actually needs. We are far more interested in a long-term of our partnership, than the short-term mirage of success that comes with 'selling' you something you can't use or don't need. Before you purchase anything, CODY will provide an on-site evaluation of your agency.  We will also work closely with you to conduct an Agency Environment Assessment, designed to both take stock of your current hardware/network, and recommend upgrades that that will allow the CODY system to operate at peak efficiency.  We credit our commitment to this service for helping us achieve and sustain our 98% customer retention.